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Evil Twins And WiFi Hotspots

Public WiFi hotspots are available all around us. We use them because they are convenient. However, nearly all WiFi hotspots are completely unprotected , and are easy targets for hackers looking to steal your sensitive information.

Evil twins appear to be normal public WiFi hotspots, but they are actually set up by hackers to steal your information. When you inadvertently access an evil twin, the hacker who designed it can steal all the data you send over the Internet, including your password, financial data, and other personal information. Evil twins can even impersonate well-known websites when you access the Internet, in order to steal your login information.

If you accidentally connect to an evil twin, you may be subject to a Man-in-the-Middle attack, which occurs when a hacker eavesdrops on your Internet connection and intercepts any data coming into or out of your computer. You may be a victim of a Man-in-the-Middle attack if a formerly secure website (one that uses https) no longer is secure, you receive a warning message that the website’s certificate is no longer valid, or if the website looks and behaves differently. Below are some things you can do to stay safe from evil twins:

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