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Get Your DD-WRT Wireless Router Bridge Linksys 160N And WRT54GS

In this how you can information I shall be displaying you the way create a wi-fi bridge between a Linksys 160n wireless router and a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router that has been modded with the DD-WRT firmware. You might ask your self what’s a wireless also might ask your self why you would want to create a wi-fi bridge within the first place. Well a wi-fi bridge is if you connect one router to another router without utilizing any hard wired cables. It’s possible you’ll want to create a wi-fi bridge for some of the following reasons.

Laptop are positioned at different ends of your own home and you cannot run a ethernet cable between the 2 router. You want to hyperlink to you neighbors community so you’ll be able to share internet service, information, and media akin to music and movies. The chances are countless relating to networking routers collectively utilizing wireless.

For the wireless bridge setup I will be using the next ip tackle and subnet setup:

* Wireless Router 1 = Linksys WRT160n* Wi-fi Router 2 = Linksys WRT54GS-WRT mod

The Linksys WRT 160n wireless router will be directly linked to the Web service, and the Linksys WRT54GS DD-WRT modded router will create the wireless link between the 2 routers. The best way to setup your wi-fi bridge is to have a computer that has both a wifi connection and a ethernet connection. To start out the installation, use your wireless connection to connect with router 1, which is the Linksys WRT160N. After you’ve connected the router, open your internet browser and type within the default gateway which must be Click on on the Standing Tab and guantee that router 1 has a internet connection.

After you understand that the primary router has a web connection, go to the Wi-fi Security Tab and setup the encryption sort and paraphrase key. Just be sure you are using appropriate encryption between each of the routers.linksys-wrt160n-wpa-wi-fi-safety

After you have set the encryption sort and key on the first router, disconnect from this router. Now connect to the WRT54GS DD-WRT modded router, then go to the setup tab and alter the native network to or whatever network vary you prefer.

* Local Ip Address:* Subnet Mask:* Gateway:* Local Dns:

After you have modified the community setup in your modded DD-WRT router, disconnect from the router then reconnect to so that you obtain your new ip address. Your new ip handle ought to be somewhere within the network. Now open an online browser at point it in direction of, which is now the default gateway for your WRT54GS DD-WRT modded router.

Now go to the status tab and click on on the wireless tab. Within the wireless tab it’s best to see a button that says website survey. The site survey button is located towards the underside of the page. All you need to do now could be select router 1 from the listing, which needs to be the Linksys WRT160N.

After you have got selected router 1 from the record, go to the wireless tab and click on on the wi-fi safety tab. All you have to do now’s input the exact same encryption sort and key that you just setup for router 1. After you will have set the encryption kind and key into ybur modded DD-WRT router, all you have to do is apply the settings. You need to now have a wireless hyperlink between the Linksys WRT160N and the Linksys WRT54GS. Now connect using a wireless connection to the DD-WRT modded router, and ensure your web connection work.

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